North Korea is one of the only countries in the world where people can grow cannabis. Wild plants grow freely in the country and residents of North Korea often grow cannabis in their gardens for medicinal use, or as an inexpensive alternative for tobacco. You might have heard about people traveling to North Korea to smoke weed. Michael Cheng just published an article about what it’s like to smoke pot in the Hermit Kingdom. It is a fascinating read and it may sound fun and exotic to travel to North Korea to smoke some legal joints, but you should absolutely not travel there, especially not for the purpose of cannabis tourism.

First of all, North Korea is not an easy country to get into, especially if you’re an American. In most cases you have to get a special travel visa and get into the country by flying in through China. If you are American, then you should know that the US State Department has an official warning against traveling to North Korea. You are extremely likely to be thrown in jail if you go there for almost no reason at all. If you do make it in, then you are under strict supervision by your tour guide, or “handler.” You’re not allowed to take pictures without approval, and if you are caught taking unauthorized pictures, you’re likely to be detained. If you are detained and you are an American, then you will likely be used as a political pawn by the North Korean government, possibly sent to a labor camp, or both. You don’t want to be used as a pawn by the North Koreans. You don’t want to end up like any of these people.

If the aforementioned reasons were not enough for you, then you should know that the cannabis that grows there is not what you would think of as dank buds. The only cannabis that grows there is low THC. As stated above, cannabis is grown to be a cheap replacement for tobacco. Chronic is not allowed in the Hermit Kingdom. What they smoke there is more like the crap that I used get in high school for $15 a single. What I’m saying is that if you’re looking for a new stop on your Tour-de-Cannabis, North Korea is not where you want to go. Try Colorado, or Canada instead.

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