You might have noticed that here at Grasscity we use the term cannabis rather than marijuana. This is not only a more scientifically accurate term, it’s also a sign of respect for the plant. The term “marijuana” has racist origins, so we do not use it. The state of Hawaii may end up doing the same. First, it helps to know the history behind the term. When the US government wanted to demonize cannabis, once a very valuable crop in America, they decided to start referring to it as marihuana or marijuana. The term was used to evoke fear of Mexican immigrants who were smoking cannabis, which was up until then, unheard of. Their racist scare tactics worked and cannabis was criminalized.

Hawaii, which is the most diverse state in America, wants to get rid of the term marijuana for the same reasons. The bill, which was introduced by state senator Mike Gabbard (D-HI) requires the term “marijuana” to be replaced by cannabis in all literature that refers to medical cannabis starting in 2019.

Senator Gabbard introduced the bill for the reason that the term marijuanacarries prejudicial implications rooted in racial stereotypes.” The bill was passed, and is now sitting on Hawaii governor David Ige’s desk. Governor Ige has not said whether or not he will sign the bill, but if he does not sign, it will go into effect anyway.

This is a commendable move by Hawaiian lawmakers. The term “marijuana” is incredibly racist, and evokes memories of the racist origins of the war on drugs. The term should be removed from our vernacular. Hopefully other states soon follow suit.

Source: Merry Jane

Image Source: YouTube

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